About the Author

Gwen Francis
(Teacher, Mother, Grandmother)

Academic Qualifications:
- Homecraft teacher's certificate
- B.A. in world religions, philosophy and ethics. 2000.
- Graduate Diploma in Subject Studies for teachers, (Christian Education.) 2005.
- Post-Graduate Diploma of Education 2005, (Current issues in the teaching of socal studies, Ethics in education, Environmental education, and Curriculum design.)
- Practical experience in business, farming, playing and coaching sport. N.Z. umpire in table-tennis. Active in local community affairs, and local and national government issues.

Gwen Francis
Phone: (09) 2389521

Over many years of experience in business, teaching, and raising families, I have found the most important things to consider are the consequences of our actions on other people. If we get these things right we will become ethical people without even thinking about theories